New Church Directory and Online Payments Coming Soon

New Church Directory and Online Payments Coming Soon

Pretty soon, we will be using a new church directory that will enable the servants of the Church to better serve the congregation. This is a private directory managed by They are very professional and dedicated to keeping information secure.

One of the great features of this directory is that it allows each family to update their own information each year, much like the way that schools currently have parents update their family information every September. We will be sending out emails in January asking for updates. Please make sure to update your information so we can serve you as best as possible.

Another great feature for servants is the inclusion of member photos. This allows Sunday School teachers and other leaders to more effectively interface with members of the congregation. Our ambitious goal is to include a photo of every congregation member. For those 18 years and up, we will be taking photos after church starting in January. For minors, we will make sure to contact parents and get permission before taking and including any photos.

One more feature we’re looking forward to: soon, we will be able to accept online donations through direct bank transfer. This is a big deal. While we currently have online payments through PayPal, we want a system that allows congregants to make payments without a percentage being taken out. With direct bank transfer, the per-transaction charge is 29 cents–that’s great. It will also allow for recurring, automated payments. Lastly, these payments will be connected in your directory (privately, of course) so you can see how much and how often you have donated.

Thanks for your patience while we grow our ability to serve.